Across The Center of the Island

Across the Centre of the Island

Route: Melegakia – Xouria – Agios Konstantinos – Kokkino Agortza- Megalo Chorafi – Kastrakis -Lefto Gialos Beach

Distance: 14 kms

Time: 6 hours approx

Swim Stop: Yes at the end of the walk

Taverna: Yes at Lefto Gialos, open normally from June. 
Walking boots or shoes recommended. Shorts ok for most of the route but take long trousers or zip-offs for the scratchy bits. Take swimwear and snack for en route.

Description: Hiking across the centre of the island, along the traditional old footpath from Melegakia in the north to the church of Agios Konstantinos, over the “aloni” (threshing floor) and past the “laka” (small wheat fields), you will get a glimpse of life as it used to be. We finish at the lovely white pebble beach of Lefto Gialos.

All walks start at 09.30 from the port police cabin in the centre of Patitiri harbour.

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