Alonissos Beaches

Alonissos Beaches

The Alonissos beaches are amongst the clearest and cleanest beaches in the world, making this area a very safe and satisfying island for swimming. The beaches are mainly pebbles/rocks with a few exceptions! Below are the main beaches on the island. There are many smaller ones that are not as easy to get to but equally beautiful. Making the effort to go to these remote beaches you will find you may be the only ones there… even in the middle of August!  Alonissos has also won the gold flag from Quality Coast for our beaches!

Starting from the northwest and traveling south around the coast and extending southeast to northeast the beaches in order are: Megali Ammos, Tsoukalia, Gialia, Vrisitsa, Mikros Mourtias, Megalos Mourtias, Vithisma, Marpounta, Patitiri, Roussoum, Votsi, Milia, Chrissi Milia, Kokkinokastro, Tzortzi Gialos, Leftos Gialos, Glyfa and Agios Dimitrios.

Alonissos Beaches
Megali Ammos Beach on Alonissos
Tsoukalia Beach on Alonissos
Gialia Beach on Alonissos
Vrisitsa Beach on Alonissos
Mikros Mourtia Beach on Alonissos
Megalos Mourtias Beach on Alonissos
Vithisma Beach on Alonissos
Marpounta Beach on Alonissos
Patitiri Town Beach on Alonissos
Rousoum Beach on Alonissos
Votsi Beach on Alonissos
Milia Beach on Alonissos
Chrissi Milia Beach on Alonissos
Kokkinokastro Beach on Alonissos
Tzortzi Gialo on Alonissos
Lefto Gialos on Alonissos
Glyfa Beach on Alonissos
Agios Dimitrios Beach on Alonissos



Megali Ammos

The name translates to “Big Sand”. The beach however is neither sandy nor big! It’s just the name of the region which has wild, natural beauty. Ideal for nature lovers who like virgin nature and rough beauty as its not very busy. The road to Megali Ammos is unpaved and rough. You can get there by jeep or motorbike. No amenities.

Distance from Patitiri:  6.6 km about 17 minutes by car





A beautiful beach in the northwest part of Alonnisos. Easily accessible with pebbles. The beach is the site of the ancient ceramic workshop which made amphorae for wine and olive oil.  This section where the workshop was is sectioned off and you can see hundreds of broken shards left over from this era.

Distance from Patitiri:   3.3 km about 7-10 minutes by car.






Gialia Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches of Alonnisos.  There is a lovely windmill here and the road is a dirt road but is accessible.

The landscape around the beach is beautiful as the north wind has shaped the landscape with colorful shrubs . The road reaches the beach but you can get here also from the path that starts just before the Old Village.  There are no amenities.

Distance from Patitiri:   3.5 km about 10 minutes by car .





Found right next to Gialia Beach and is accessible by an unpaved road that starts from the old village.  A beautiful little e beach which is quiet even in the height of the season.  Wonderful nature and you can hike from here to Gialia.  No amenities.

Distance from Patitiri:   5.2 km about 15 minutes by car.





Mikros Mourtias

A small beach with sand and pebbles which is reached by car or motorbike by the road that is just passed the cemetery in the old village. Mikros Mourtias was used until the mid ’70’s as the main port for the villagers with boat trips to Skopelos daily. There are no amenities. Very peaceful so don’t be surprised if you run into nude bathers!

Distance from Patitiri:   5.6 km about 15-20 minutes by car





Megalos Mourtias

One of the nicest beaches on Alonissos and almost always calm as it’s sheltered from the winds. A very nice pebble beach with crystal clear blue-green water. There are three tavernas here where you can enjoy lunch or drinks and umbrellas with sun beds. A very popular and populated beach because of its beauty, calm waters and nearness to the old village and Patitiri.

Distance from Patitiri:  4.9 km about 10 minutes by car






A very nice semi-sandy beach located between Megalos Mourtias and Marpounda. It’s very difficult to find as the footpath is steep, overgrown with shrubs and surrounded by cliffs. The easiest way to get there is by boat. You can reach the beginning of the road by car but then you have to hike down to the beach.  Always quiet and peaceful with crystal clear waters, dark sand and colourful shingles. There are no tavernas or bars. Because of its difficulty to find, it is the unofficial nudist beach on Alonnisos.

Distance from Patitiri:   2.5 km about 7-10 minutes by car





Located 3km from Patitiri, Marpounta is the southernmost point of the island. There are 2 beautiful beaches here with pebbles. There is a resort here by the same name and therefore the beaches are organized with umbrellas and sun beds.

Distance from Patitiri:   2.2 km about 8 minutes by car.







Very popular and also called the town beach. Off to the end of the port, a picturesque cove with small pebbles.  It’s very populated as you can take time off from sitting in the cafes to take a swim!  Alonissos is famous for it’s clear waters…. one of the few places on the earth where you can swim in the harbour!








A very popular shingle beach mostly because it’s near Patitiri. There are tavernas and cafes here along with umbrellas and sun beds, so you can spend the whole day here. Within walking distance from most accommodations.

Distance from Patitiri harbour:  2.2 km about 3 minutes by car.







Just over one kilometer from Patitiri, Votsi Beach is lovely little bay surrounded trees that reach to the crystalline waters. The little shingle beach has room for only a few visitors and is accessible by stone steps descending from the main road of Votsi port. Directly opposite the beach is a picturesque charming tiny harbour with fishing boats mooring there. There is a taverna, a pizzeria and a small bar.

Distance from Patitiri:  1 km about 5 minutes by car






A lovely beach with both pebbles and sand and emerald waters, it is at the heart of the bay surrounded by trees and unspoiled natural beauty. Very peaceful and calm. No amenities.

Distance from Patitiri:  3.6 km about 7-10 minutes by car







 Chrissi Milia

One of the organized beaches on the island with sun beds and umbrellas. Very popular especially for children and non-swimmers as it is a long sandy beach with shallow water and a gentle decline into deeper water. The sand is golden and particularly fine giving it its name – Chrissi meaning golden. There is a taverna standing on a hill overlooking the beach and a small snack bar here as well.

Distance from Patitiri: 6.0 km about 10-15 minutes by car.






The name means “Red Castle” and it is evident by the red soil that is on the rocks of this area. Opposite the beach there is a small islet which has abrupt steep sides and where ancient tools were found. The ancient city of “Ikos” is said to have been here and there is a remnant of an ancient wall on its shore. The beach is pebble and sand mixture and has a very nice beach bar.

Distance from Patitiri:  6.0 km approximately 11-15 minutes by car.





 Tzortzi Gialos

Also very popular with children as it is a shallow beach with a gentle decline into deeper waters. The beach is pebble with sand in the water ideal also for amateur swimmers. There is a lovely little taverna here also.

Distance from Patitiri:  5.8 km approximately 11-15 minutes by car.





 Leftos Gialos

A white pebble beach with clear turquoise water just 7.5 km from Patitiri. A lovely beach with pine trees reaching down to the sea. There are two tavernas and two bars here which operate until late into the night making the beach popular for those that like late afternoon swimming.

Distance from Patitiri:  7 km about 13-15 minutes by car.





The nearest beach for those staying in Steni Vala. A quiet beach, 11 km from Patitiri with pebbles and lush green scenery. There are no amenities but the picturesque Steni Vala is only a 10 minute walk away.

Distance from Patitiri:  11 km about 10-15 minutes by car.






 Agios Dimitrios

Considered as the best beach on Alonissos. The beach is horse shoe shaped with fine pebbles and turquoise/blue water. Agios Dimitrios is quite a big beach and the furthest to be found from Patitiri. There is a small beach taverna and a beach bar that has simple fare for lunch.

Distance from Patitiri:  15.1 km about 20-25 minutes by car.